"I want them to look exactly like this!"

This is undoubtedly the comment that I dread hearing the most from my clients! Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons. The biggest being that I am, by no means, an artist! I actually can barely draw a stick figure. Honest! So when someone says they want me to do exactly like a picture shows, I will tell them that I am sorry, but I cannot do that.

There is also something called copyright laws. They are serious people! Especially for any branded logos or entities, such as Nike or Disney for example. This also applies to having an unwritten code of ethics between my fellow cookiers. We don't want to take credibility away from another designers work, and we also don't want someone to copy our designs!


Often times, people will send me a picture of a decorated cookie that they found online, and will ask me to duplicate that design. Now, please do not get me wrong on this... I LOVE when people can show me what it is they are hoping for. I actually ask for images to be sent to me so that I can see what it is that they are envisioning, but I only use that for inspiration, and I will not duplicate that design exactly. What I can do from those images is get an idea on the colors, designs and cutter shapes. I try to make it known to my clients that I will make the theme they are requesting, but that the cookies will be in my own version of the ones they sent to me.

Another reason those words terrify me, is that it puts an insane amount of pressure on my shoulders to create the perfect cookie for that client. They will go into the purchase with the image of the cookies they saw online and sent to me, which means that there is room for disappointment or even frustration when they open their box and see that the cookies do not look 'exactly' like the ones they remembered. I would hate to have upset anyone or had them be disappointed!


Think of us cookiers, as you would a hairdresser or a tattoo artist. You can show them an image, and say that "this is the haircut I want". But hardly ever do you leave looking exactly like the picture. Why? Because you cannot completely ever truly duplicate what someone else has done. It just isn't possible, although they can get you VERY close. The same thing applies with cookie designs. You will have the theme you requested, and your cookies will taste amazingly, but they will never, and should never, look exactly like the pictures you sent me.

So for this cookier, I am saying to please keep sending me those pictures for inspiration! I LOVE them! They help me so much in my vision of what I will need to do to help you be thrilled with your cookies. And as always, thank you SO much for your continued support and enthusiasm! You guys are amazing, and I love to see your excitement and smiles when you pick up your cookies and see them for the first time.


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