Flour, Flour Everywhere!

While Sunday's usually bring a day of rest to many as they prepare for yet another stressful work week, they take on a different meaning in the life of a cookier. Sunday's are for baking, and we are not just talking a small (dozen) batch of cookies, we are talking DOZENS of cookies.

Something you may not know about most cookiers, is that creating beautiful and delicious cookies for most of us is not our only job. Most of us are "full-time" somethings; teachers, nurses, corporate professionals, mothers, etc. We create cookies as our side hustle, often as a way to bring in additional income, but for many of us, we are cookiers for one reason in particular.... so that we can do something at the end of the day that brings smiles to stranger's faces and sometimes tears to their eyes, but more importantly, as a way to end our day by doing something that WE truly enjoy.

For me personally, when I am decorating cookies, I am able to put the stress of my "real" job behind me. No matter how bad the day was, or how early I got up for work, I am able to turn my focus to the cookies I am piping. I essentially lose myself in the moment, and I know that no matter how many hours I am putting in, how badly my neck and shoulders hurt from bending over my swivel wheel, that when I send the client their 'sneak peek' photos, they will have excitement and joy over the creations I have made for them, and they will be excited to pick those cookies up to share with the loved ones they ordered them for.

So today, my kitchen (and kitchen floors) will be full of flour! Today is the day to bake 16 dozen sugar cookies!!! You read that right, 16 dozen! The cookies will have several different themes, some of which I have created before, some of which are a first for me! Some of these sweet treats will be for children, some for an elderly client, and some will be to celebrate a bride-to-be. All of these cookies will bring someone joy and happiness, and hopefully, will bring this cookier some comfort and happiness as well!

I hope you all have a wonderful last day of this beautiful weekend! Spend time with your loved ones, have that extra cup of coffee, and enjoy the savory BBQ treats you grill up today.

Until next time my friends :-)

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