Another 'Cat'urday at the Cookie House!

Hello and welcome to my new blog! Today is Saturday, or as it is known at our house 'Caturday'! We say that because our two VERY spoiled housecats, Willie & Jack, are really the kings of our castle, and on Saturdays, we sort of let ourselves 'cat' a bit, instead of our normal non-stop on the go lifestyle.

I am so honored that you are following me and hope you enjoy this new journey of my life alongside me :-). You might be wondering who I am, and how long I have been a cookier. Well, let me introduce myself and answer a few of my most commonly asked questions!

  1. What is your real name Cookie Lady? Jamie

  2. How long have you been making cookies? Believe it or not, I have only been doing this for a little over a year and a half now! This all started out as a way to occupy my time while healing from surgery, which happened to be right at the start of the 2020 Covid-19 stay at home order! I had no idea what I was doing, but had so much fun learning how to bake, decorate and share my creations. Little by little, my hobby turned into a real business, and I have just loved every minute of this adventure!

  3. What is your favorite cookie to create? I actually love when a client allows me to have the vision and creativity behind the designs. It is so much more relaxing than trying to perfect an image they have already seen, which I cannot duplicate exactly due to a couple of reasons; the biggest reason being copyright laws, and the second being that believe it or not, I am horrible at drawing!

  4. What made you want to do cookies? I have a dairy allergy, which leaves me missing out on a lot of my favorite sweets! I really wanted some iced Christmas cookies a few years back, so I decided to try my hand at making my own, dairy-free versions. They were SO good, but not pretty at all. I tried again that following Valentine's Day then for Easter, decided to try piping the icing on. I was hooked from there!

  5. Why don't you make cakes? I am horrible at cakes! I mean ... horrible! LOL! I have thought, though briefly, about trying my hand at cake-pops, but haven't actually carried through with that thought as of yet.

Today is a rare Caturday for me, as I do not have ANY cookies to finish, bake or decorate today! Tomorrow is another story, as I have 20 dozen cookies to bake for three different orders due at the end of the week. My amazing husband of almost three years, Brian, and I will most likely do some housework today, and then we are thinking of going to the Demolition Derby at our county fair tonight. The weather is beautiful here for once, with very little humidity, sunshine and manageable heat! I hope you all enjoy your Caturday as well! Until next time my friends :-)

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