March 2020 brought new challenges to us all. I found myself home recovering from surgery when Covid-19 hit our nation and changed our ‘normal’ forever. To keep my time occupied, I started baking cookies. One day I decided to make some sugar cookies for my neighbors. I had never really considered myself a ‘cookie lady’ previous to this, but for some reason decided that day that I would pipe my icing on vs applying it with an icing spatula. I put my icing in a zippered baggie, cut a corner off, and the obsession of creating perfectly iced cookies began!


My neighbors and husband played a huge part in the beginning of me building my business and name in the community. The encouragement and support I received from everyone enabled me to find the bravery to turn my hobby into a small business. Creating edible art has become more than just a business or hobby… it has become a passion, and I love being able to help others celebrate achievements, birthdays and milestones in their lives!


Watching this journey unfold has been an unbelievable process and my cup has truly runneth over by the amount of support the community has provided me. Thank you to everyone who has been there with me from the beginning! If you are just now finding your way to my page, I am very much looking forward to helping you create edible memories for you or your loved ones.